GOBI – is a new gene that we really haven’t completely figured out yet. 
It enhances colors and brightness and it lightens darker genes.
The blushings are much larger and there is a sign of striping that tends to appear with Mojave.
Also the lips are lighter almost like the blushings. 

But the most craziest reaction we have seen from Gobi is with Yellow Belly. 
Giving the Snake a reaction that reminds a lot of a Super Stripes colors but there is no striping actually.
The black coloring in the snakes is deep and rich. Gobi has such a awesome potential and we have much to learn about it!

The Super form has probably been made but not proven – so stay tuned

Fire Gobi YB

The Gobi seems to react really extreme with Yellow Belly – lots of potential

Black Pastel Gobi

Very clearly not just a Black Pastel!

Gobi Pewter Fire

Most possibly a Gobi Pewter Fire – We shall see!


Single Gene Gobi – doesn’t look too special! But it IS! Oh yes it is….

Coming Soon – Interview @ Burger Balls – Home of the Gobi